Men are born between a woman’s legs and
spend the rest of their lives trying
to get back in them. Why?
Because there’s no place like home!

Brilliant Medicine for Sore Throat

One day in office two ladies…

First Lady: Hi, you don’t look very well today.
Second Lady: No. I’ve got a bit of a sore throat and it hurts like hell.
First Lady: I know a brilliant medicine for your throat.  Every time I get one, I give my husband a bloody blow job and the next day, I’m as right as rain.
Second Lady: OK, thanks.
Next Day…

First Lady: Hi, Are you better today?
Second Lady: I’m fine. You’re idea was great!!
Second Lady: Your husband couldn’t believe it was your idea !!!

30 Goliyan

Lady to Doctor: Mere pati mujhse ROMANCE nahi karte..
Doctor: ye lo 30 goliyan, 1 goli roj khilana.
Lady ne 1 Goli di pati ne us raat Romance kiya..
agle din usne 2 Goli di, to pati ne khoob josh se romance kiya..
teesre din usne puri 27 goliya dudh me dal ke pila di..

3 din baad,
Doctor ne lady ke bete se uski maa ka haal poocha.
Beta bola: Maa mar gayi, Chachi & mausi hospital me hain, kaam wali bhag gayi, Pados wali aunty ne papa pe rape case thok diya hai,
Mera pichwada abhi bhi dukh raha hai, Chota bhai jhaadiyo me chipa hai,
Aur papa garden me nange hokar tommy ke pichhe bhag rahe hain… 😛 😀

A Guy Had to Choose A Wife From Three Girls

A guy had to choose a wife from 3 girls.
He gave each sum money to test them.
1st got a makover to look good. The man got impressed.
2nd bought clothes for the guy and told him it’s he who is prime for her. He liked her also.
3rd invested the money and made profit and gave it back. The guy liked her too.
And finally when the time came to choose…
The guy simply chose the girl with
The biggest boobs.

Men will always be MEN!!