My husband said and I replied …

He said to me … “I don’t understand,  why you wear a bra.   You have nothing to put,  in it   ! ”
I said to him … “You wear pants.   Don’t you  ? ”

He said to me … “Shall we try,  swapping positions,  tonight  ? ”
I said to him … “That is a great idea  !   You cook and I will sit in front of the TV,  doing nothing  ! ”

He said to me … “What did you do,  with all the grocery money,  that I gave you  ? ”
I said to him … “Turn sideways,  in front of the mirror and look at yourself  ! ”

He said to me … “Why don’t you blink,  during my foreplay on you,  in the bed  ? ”
I said to him … “I don’t get enough time,  to blink  ! ”

He said to me … “Does this house need me,  to change a roll of toilet paper  ? ”
I said to him … “I don’t know.   It has never happened  ! ”

He said to me … “Am I not sensitive,  caring    good looking  ? ”
I said to him … “Such men,  usually have boy-friends  ! ”

He said to me … “All wives,  usually know,  where their husbands are at nights ”
I said to him … “Only widows  ! ”

He said to me … “Why are you heavier,  than beautiful single women  ? ”
I said to him … “Beautiful single women,  come home from work,  see whats in the fridge and go to bed.   I come home from work,  see whats on the bed and go to the fridge   !!! “

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