Rules of a New Golf Club

  1. Ladies are prohibited from touching gentleman’s balls, either with hands or clubs.
  2. All holes must be kept clean.
  3. Gentlemen making a hole-in-one, must change lady partners in the second round.
  4. Ladies are requested to remain quiet while gentlemen are taking short strokes.
  5. Partners are requested to tee off together at each tee.
  6. When the lady partner goes off first, the gentleman must not delay the stroke but continue to play.
  7. In cases where the lay is impossible, ladies have the privilege of choosing a new position.
  8. When the gentleman finds this impossible, he may choose a new lay starting at least a ball’s length from the hole.
  9. Players are requested to refrain from playing any holes under repair or with red flag in white background.
  10. While the management strives to improve the course in every way, they cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of balls in the brush or around the holes.

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