Impotency Problem

A young man with an impotency problem consults with a doctor. After several visits and nothing happening the doctor sends him to a hypnotist. The hypnotist puts the young man under and after giving him instructions awakens him. The hypnotist tells him when he says the magical words; one, two, three, he will have an erection. The young man asks him how to make the erection go down. The hypnotist says just say one, two, three, four and it will subside. There is just one side effect and that is you won’t be able to get an erection again for at least ten months. The young guy immediately goes to a bar and picks up a stunning young woman and they proceed to a hotel where he gets the very best suite for Rs 20000.00 a night and orders in champagne at Rs 15000.00 a bottle.

They proceed to get undressed and the excited young man says the magic words “one, two three. “Immediately he has an enormous erection, which the girl admires and asks him “why did you say one, two, three for?”

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