Married Women Vs Unmarried Women

A survey conducted among women gave the below results.

‘A’ were the answers given by unmarried women and
‘B’ are the answers given by married women.

Sure marriage gives a lot of maturity to women

1. What is the one thing that pierces a woman hard, when she hugs a man
A. Penis
B. Unshaved facial hair

2. What is the most painful experience during sex
A. Beginning of Intercourse
B. When my hair gets entangled

3. How long does an intercourse last
A. around one hour
B. just about 6 minutes

4. One thing that a woman hates about sex
A. risk of pregnancy
B. the cleaning up

5. What do men hate most in a woman’s body
A. body odour / unwanted hair / flab
B. menstruation

6. Which is the one part of woman’s body that can get her into trouble
A. Pussy
B. Tongue

7. What is the one quality that a man likes in a woman
A. Simplicity/Intelligence/ Understanding
B. Cooking

8. When is a man in maximum mood for sex
A. At Night/When Naked
B. those 5 days

9. Which part of a woman’s body is most liked by men
A. breasts/waist/face/eyes
B. closed mouth

10. When is a man, not in mood to have sex
A. when he is sick/ tired / upset
B. when he is hungry

11. When is a man, very kind to his wife
A. when he needs help/ when aroused
B. in front of other women

True isn’t it…

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