Patient and Student – Nurse

A male patient is lying in bed In the hospital, Wearing an oxygen mask over his Mouth and nose, Still heavily sedated from a difficult four hour surgical procedure.

A young student nurse appears to give him a Partial sponge bath.
Nurse,’ he mumbles, from behind the mask ‘Are my Testicles black?’
Embarrassed, the young nurse replies ‘I don’t know,Sir. I’m only here to wash Your upper body.’

He struggles to ask again, ‘Nurse, are my Testicles black?’
Concerned that he may elevate his vitals from worry about his testicles,
She overcomes her Embarrassment and sheepishly Pulls back the covers.
She raises his gown, holds his Penis in one hand and his Testicles in the other,
Lifting and moving them Around and around gently.

Then, she takes a close look and says, ‘No sir, they aren’t and I assure you, there’s nothing wrong With them, Sir !!’
The man pulls off his oxygen mask, Smiles at her and Says very slowly, ‘Thank you very much. That was Wonderful, but listen Very, very closely…..

‘ A r e – m y – t e s t – r e s u l t s -b a c k ?’

30 Goliyan

Lady to Doctor: Mere pati mujhse ROMANCE nahi karte..
Doctor: ye lo 30 goliyan, 1 goli roj khilana.
Lady ne 1 Goli di pati ne us raat Romance kiya..
agle din usne 2 Goli di, to pati ne khoob josh se romance kiya..
teesre din usne puri 27 goliya dudh me dal ke pila di..

3 din baad,
Doctor ne lady ke bete se uski maa ka haal poocha.
Beta bola: Maa mar gayi, Chachi & mausi hospital me hain, kaam wali bhag gayi, Pados wali aunty ne papa pe rape case thok diya hai,
Mera pichwada abhi bhi dukh raha hai, Chota bhai jhaadiyo me chipa hai,
Aur papa garden me nange hokar tommy ke pichhe bhag rahe hain… 😛 😀

New Couple Marriage Life

New couple kept having sex 24 x 7.
They became weak but didn’t stop.
They consulted a Doctor.

Doctor said: Have sex only one those days which have “R” in it.
Example: Thu’R’sday, F’R’iday, Satu’R’day, (Couple agreed) – on Monday husband askes his wife Darling whats the day today?
Wife gives a naughty smile & says: Somva’R’ (Monday in Hindi).

Lesson: If there is a will then there is a way.