slack or not?

Three girls are sitting on stools at a bar. The 3 of them are arguing on who is the slackest.

The first one says: “My boyfriend can put his whole fist in my pussy!!!”
The second one says: “Oh ya? Well my boyfriend can put his whole head in my pussy!”

The two of them then look at the third one, waiting for her to reply.

She then looks at them and says: “Oops! There goes the stool!!!”

Vo Din

Larki : Un dino kafi darr lagta tha

uff…  Bahar jana.

Geele pan ka darr……
Phir Mjhe mila bus Rs 25/- mein


MOBILE COVER. Ab barish k dino me bhi azadi se apna mobile har waqt apne sath rakh skti ho0n or enjoy kr skti hoon.

Ek dafa phr teri soch ko salam